Sunday, 10 May 2015

What makes you happy?

Day 10 of the Ultra Blog Challenge

Did you know that 20th March 2015 was the International Day of Happiness?  Have you heard of London's first Happy Cafe?

This morning, my son sent me a text with a beautiful picture of a peacock he must have seen in a park today.  The fact that he thought of me when he is out cheered me up.  It made me realise that people don't need much to make them happy. Here are 10 simple things make me happy:

1.  Phone calls, text messages from my children and close family and friends.

2.  Hugs and cuddles from my children and hubby.

3.  Beauty of nature: Gardens and Parks – In fact anywhere where there are trees, birds and flowers. The seaside too.

4.  Chocolate – Who doesn’t like chocolate or ice cream?

5. Socialising:  Eating out , Good food and good company of friends and family.

6.  Entertaining: When people enjoy food I have cooked.

7. Watching the Sunrise and sunset.

8. Listening to Good music – Singing or dancing  along with the songs I like makes me happy too.

9. Buying gifts for people I love and watching their faces as they open their gifts.

10.  Hobbies etc: Having time to enjoy personal time doing what you enjoy doing also makes me happy. " Me time" is important.

What makes you happy?


  1. happiness surrounding me makes my happy :)

  2. What makes me happy? A good book. A foot massage. The company of my husband of nearly 41 years. Knowing the good heart of my son. A lovely sunrise or sunset. A good meal with enjoyable company.

  3. I could really say "ditto" to your entire list!! I was thrilled just to hear from all four of my adult kids yesterday for Mother's Day, even though we couldn't get together (we all live in different states).

    One of my favorite activities is sewing - whether it's making quilts, pillows, bags, or other items. It's my therapy and I need it on a regular basis!

  4. Nice post..
    Listening to music, cooking for family, watching a nice Bollywood movie, meeting friends and shopping .. these are the things that make my day !

  5. This is such a lovely list, there is nothing like finding happiness in the little things around you. If only people reached looked out and beyond what they see and they too would find happiness. I love getting messages and photos from my daughter from uni of all the recipes she makes and whats apps me the pictures.


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