Monday, 4 May 2015

What do you have in your Medicine Cabinet?

"What a Life: Give some of us pills to stop a fit, give the rest shock to start one.” ― Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Day 4 of the Ultra Blog Challenge

A  couple of weeks ago we saw this BBC documentary.  It talks about all the over the counter tablets we tend to buy.

I was quite surprised how Pharmacetical firms market similar pain killers with different names and packaging for period pains, head aches and back pain.  So if you had a headache, a period pain and a back ache you could end up over dosing yourself.

This got me to thinking about what medicines we had in our medicine cabinet.   Once you have children, you start buying a lot more over the counter medicines and First Aid items to keep in your cupboard. My children are a lot older so now I do not have to keep stuff like nappy creams,  Infa-care and dill water etc. We don’t have a medicine cabinet as such but keep all our medicine in a plastic container with a lid which stays in a cupboard in the kitchen.

This is what we have now in that container:

1. Our usual prescription drugs which we take everyday.

2. A bottle of Vitamins which we take everyday.

3. A bottle of cod liver oil tablets which we take every day.

4. Paracetamol and Ibu Brofen for coughs, colds and general aches.

5. A variety of cough mixtures such as for dry coughs and tickly coughs plus one for the night time

6. Cream For burns –The tube of cream for burns which is probably out of date now.

7. For insect bites – Again this cream is probably out of date.

8. A moisturiser kind of a cream to apply on dry skin.

9. Some Elastoplasts (Band Aids), a couple of bandages and some safety pins.

10. A bottle of Savlon which I have only used a couple of times.

11. Some Deep Heat for when your muscles ache

I do use quite a few traditional home remedies for minor ailments and only visit the doctor if none of the over the counter medicines work. 

I just remembered that when we were growing up in Kenya in the 60' and 70's we always has a supply of potassium permanganate crystals which were used as an antiseptic. A few crystals were often added to our bath water.  Here, not a lot of people have heard of these wonderful survival crystals.  Have any of you used them?

Similarly, we always had Dettol to clean up any wounds and again to add to the bath water at times but when we mentioned this to a doctor in UK, he advised us not to add Dettol to our bath water as it could give us a dry skin.


Do share what you have in your medicine cabinet and anything extra I should have in my medicine cupboard?


  1. I like the sound of potassium permanganate--no I'd not heard of them. I like the old cures like swallowing garlic, or rubbing with salt, rosemary, lavender etc.

  2. I still keep Excedrin and Tylenol ( I get migraines) but have moved away from most OTC drugs. Now I keep all my essential oils and kids' medication there.

  3. Our medicine cabinet always seems to be woefully understocked, as every time we actually need something it seems as though it's either not there, or there, but long expired!

  4. Our medicine cabinet is rather small and narrow; we have some of the same as you mentioned, #5-7, and #11 - plus various boxes of different size bandages, Q-tips, thermometer, and some pet meds. I keep my prescription meds and pain relievers in a basket inside a cart in our kitchen (no kids here to worry about them getting into anything!)


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