Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekly Meal Plan Suggestions

Day 11 of the Ultra Blog Challenge 

We all spend so much time shopping and sometimes buy things which are on offer and end up not using them as we either didn't have a recipe or we forgot about them.

Before you go shopping -  have 7-8 dinner plan ideas which everyone in the family will enjoy. Write those down and then plan what to shop for.  If you stick to buying healthy options you will see the benefits of cooking quick and easy meals every day.

Here are my quick dinner suggestions, with recipe links form my food blog ( for the next 7 days.

Monday: Stuffed peppers (peppers are cheap to buy and can b served up with several different kind of fillings).  Serve these with a salad and finish the meal with a fruit salad.

Recipe for stuffed peppers with couscous and feta cheese is here 
Recipe for Stuffed peppers with Quinea, Bulgur, Spinach, Mozzarella Cheese and Kidney beans is here 
Recipe for Halloumi stuffed peppers is here 
Recipe for stuffed peppers and tomatoes with an Indian taste is here

Tuesday: Jacket potatoes with various fillings (Use baking potatoes or sweet potatoes for this).  Again serve these with a salad or coleslow and finish with ice cream.

Recipe for Jacket potato with Organic beans is here
Recipe for spicy Indian style jacket potatoes is here

Wednesday: Tortilla wraps with a salad and fruit salad for afters

Recipe for tortilla wraps with Quinoa, vegetables and nuts is here
Recipe for Quesadillas is here

Thursday: Stir fry  vegetables with rice noodles. served with salad amd finished with fruit.
Recipe for mixed vegetables and noodles  is here

Friday :  Friday is a day when everyone wants a take away.  Save your money by buying some ready made naan bread and make a quick kidney beans and sweet curry following this recipe.  It's quick to make and you will love the taste.

Saturday:  You are busy shopping so want to come home and have a quick dinner. How about making pasta with a few exotic spices added to it?  Here is the recipe.

Sunday:  Just before the family are up, prepare lasagna or cannelloni ready to go in the oven.  Serve these with roast potatoes and a lovely salad and finish off with homemade  cheesecake.  Recipe for lasagna is here and recipe for cannelloni is here

Do you plan a menu for the week or are you an impulse buyer who pops into the shops every other day to pick up ready meals?


  1. My husband is the cook and he does impulse shopping - if something is reduced, he will buy it. Or something on a flash sale. Some of these ideas did sound yummy and I posted this post on Facebook.

  2. Wow, sounds like a delicious week of meals! My husband is the cook in the family, so I'll have to pass this info on to him. Thanks for sharing!


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