Friday, 8 May 2015

Top 10 Embarrassing Moments in my life

Day 8 of the Ultra Blog Challenge 

A lighthearted post for Friday

So we all have moments we wish we could just sink into the earth because of silly mistakes.  Here's some of my embarrassing moments starting with one that happened today:

1.   Forgetting a birthday and Anniversary: This morning I had a calender reminder about my very close friends Wedding Anniversary which triggered another memory of the friends birthday being 2 days before her wedding day.  OMG how embarrassing!! How could I forget this?   To rectify this I had to quickly go online and order some flowers and a hamper to be urgently couriered over today.

2.  Sandals breaking: Whilst on holiday, someone stepped on my sandals and broke the strap.  I had to walk barefoot on the pavements until we found a shoe shop to buy new sandals.

3.  Handbag strap breaking:  I have also had my handbag strap broken on holiday as I tend to over load it too much!! This happened to me in a very posh restaurant and I wished I could hide somewhere. Thankfully, I managed to buy a new bag very quickly.

4.  Burning food: I was teaching my niece how to cook Indian curry and ended up burning the curry. This was really embarrassing as I am a food blogger and a cookery tutor.

5.  Being Forgetful: I can not remember how many times I have forgotten the names of my children's friends. He gets so annoyed when I have to ask him what their names are!

6.  My ringtones:  My mobile phone never rings but the moment I leave it in the Office to go to the loo - it rings with some Bollywood ringtone that everyone in the Office can hear!!  How embarrassing. Note to self: Always keep phone on silent.

7. Fizzy Drinks:  I love Diet coke and usually take one to have with my lunch.   Once I opened the can of drink in a meeting to find all the cokes fizzing over my papers.  How embarrassing.
8. No wallet: I filled up my car at the Petrol Station only to realise that I had not brought my wallet with me.  OMG!! how embarrassing!  Thankfully, I am a regular at this petrol station so was allowed to drive home and return with my credit card. 

9.  Wet Hair: How many times have you gone for a quick walk and it's started to rain and you have to get back to work with wet hair and clothes.  This  happens to me all the time. 

10. Ignorance of technology:   The other day I had to ask my teenage son to sort out my phone as it was so slow and he told me off  as I had all my Apps open. How embarrassing !!  He showed me how to close the Apps.  It was so simple !! 

So what are your most embarrassing moments? Do share!!

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  1. Yep - I can so identify - and mine is when I drink soda, it makes a little burpyhiccup with every sip - so I really have to be aware so I can hold it back! Big smiles :)


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