Saturday, 2 May 2015

My top 5 Pet Peeves

Day 2 of the Ultra Blog Challenge

Everyone has pet peeves and today I am listing my top 5 and dare you to share yours.

1.  Sniffing ((also included people who don't cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing)

I really get irritated if I hear someone sniffing.  If it's one of my family - I will always ask them to stop sniffing and use a tissue,  But when that happens in a public place especially on the trains or tubes then I can't stand it!! I feel like shouting STOP SNIFFING

That reminds me - there are always attractive girls handing out packets of free tissues in Japan. You would never be of of tissues in Japan! 

2.  People who leave trolleys in car parks

I get very annoyed when people do not take their trolleys back to the trolley collection point. Some supermarkets have now started to charge for the trolleys which probably ensures that the trolley is returned to the right place.

Read this article about "Track-a-trolley" app which enables people to report an abandoned supermarket trolley cluttering up a riverbank, street or road by taking a photo and then a GPS signal will give its exact location.

3. Slurping/burping/eating with their mouth open 

All of the above make me cringe!!  Burping or slurping soup, actions which are considered impolite in Western culture, are part of Chinese eating and are generally interpreted as complimentary signs. But it's a big NO NO in my home.

4.  People who let their children run around in restaurants and shops

When I go for a meal or shopping, I want to enjoy the time and do not wish to see screaming kids running wild.  Apart from disturbing everyone - it's unsafe for them to run in restaurants where hot food is being served.  And when I am shopping, I don't want to run over anyone's kids either.  Some parents put their kids inside trolleys!! Kids with shoes inside  trolleys is unhygienic.  Some one else is going to use that trolley after them and take home someone's germs for free!!

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5. People not flushing the loo or not washing their hands after using the loo

OMG I won't even write too much about this!! How can anyone be so inconsiderate and unhygienic?

This morning when I was discussing pet peeves with my family, we came up with a lot more but the above 5 are my Top 5. Do feel free to share your in the comments below and I will do an updated post giving credit to you later this month.


  1. Nope. Nothing makes me mad. I always find a redeeming feature for those I love. They might not act the way I'd like, but heck, who am I to judge? Saying that, I do judge people. Quietly--to myself. They're not balanced with the size of their stomach, or a man is too short. I know I shouldn't do it--in fact I tell myself to stop. But then the stray thought pops into my head while I'm unaware. Doesn't make me mad with anyone but myself.

  2. I ride public transportation a lot, and my top pet peeve is people using their phones - and loudly. I understand there are times you can't help but take a phone call in public, but I really don't need to know the details of your last argument with your spouse, the last test results you received from your doctor or your latest family drama. Especially at subsonic voice levels. Although, given the choice between that and not flushing the "loo", I know which one I would choose as least objectionable.

    1. People talking on the phone on public transport annoys me too. Do you that in some Asian countries, they even answer their mobile phone in meetings. I thinks that's rude!!

  3. Well, I can relate to #3-5 among my own pet peeves. I think I would add cashiers who seem bothered that they have to, you know, provide customer service to you, the customer! I would also add people who don't drive safely and put everyone around them at risk, as well as themselves. Such as people who follow too closely, who weave in and out of lanes of traffic, who pass on the wrong side, who don't look both directions at yield or stop signs and basically blow right through them, etc.


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