Sunday, 3 May 2015

Looking for the right gardener

"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them". Liberty Hyde Bailey 

Day 3 of the Ultra Blog Challenge

I live in a cul-de-sac where everyone's garden looks perfect. I do try and keep our garden tidy but am finding it very difficult  to maintain it for various reasons.  Plus I never know which plants to buy, when to buy them or even how to grow them.  I had planted a few rose bushes when we moved in and they seem to have thrived but I have managed to kill a few plants too.

Over the years, I have asked the help of handy men to help me with trimming the hedges and also cutting back some trees.  One of my neighbours has also very kindly helped by cutting the grass in the front garden so that the cul-de-sac looks tidy.

This year I decided that I would hire a professional gardener to come every fortnight to maintain our garden.  To make sure that I pick the right gardener, I decided to advertise in the local Facebook Group and take the  opportunity of meeting them before picking the right gardener.  This would give me the chance to compare their quotes too.  In my advert, I had stipulated that the gardener would have work every fortnight and should bring their own tools and take away the garden rubbish too after they had finished the job.

Quite a few people had applied and I invited three of them to pop round and look at the garden, discuss the jobs that need doing and asked them to give me a quote for the jobs.

Gardener 1

He came on time with a notebook and pen to take down information about my garden.  He was a professional and  owned his business and had the right insurance to work as a gardener.  He knew his plants and was a good negotiator when discussing his rates.  That evening, he emailed us what we had discussed and  his rates.

Gardener 2  

He too came on time.   He had a job during the week so could only do the garden during the weekends.  He had brought his young son with him who he said would help in the garden.  He was happy to bring all the gardening tools and also take away the rubbish.  However, he did not have the relevant insurance.  He quoted a price which was very similar to Gardener 1.

Gardener 3 

She came on time and was really very pleasant.  She had the relevant gardening degrees etc.  She loved my garden and plenty of ideas of landscaping it with various colours.  She would be asking her husband to help with any heavy jobs such as putting up trellis's etc.  She wasn't so sure about the insurance as she hadn't set up her company.  Her quote was a lot higher that both Gardeners 1 and 2.

I was in a dilemma of who to hire.


Thankfully, my husband had also met the three gardeners and both of us discussed the three applicants. Gardener 2 was discounted as we both  wanted to hire a professional gardener who would also buy the right plants and fertilisers for us and make our garden look as good as all my neighbours. We came to the decision to hire Gardener 1 as he was a professional gardener and  had the right insurance.  He has been working in our garden for the last couple of months and I feel that we have made the right decision.  This week he plans to put up some flower baskets for us so I shall share some pictures of what style of baskets he picks and the combination of plants he chooses.

Do any of you have a gardener?  Was I right in picking a professional gardener or should I have stuck to asking a handyman to help out when needed?


  1. I guess this is a personal decision for you, but if you can afford to hire help in this area that you're not really sure about, why not? Your garden looks very pretty to me!

  2. your garden looks pretty, i know its hard to maintain our front and backyard but with right help you can do it.

  3. What a lovely garden, we have a gardner who maintains our garden too.He has been coming for years.


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