Friday, 1 May 2015

Fitbit and my Weekend Walk

Day 1 of the Ultra Blog Challenge.

Now that the days are longer - I want to challenge myself to blog everyday.  To help me achieve this I have joined the Ultra Blog challenge  By doing this, I hope to learn to manage my time better and think of different topics to talk about.

I got the timely inspiration for this blog post from  the You baby me Mummy blog  which I read a couple of days ago.  the blog has a  Point and Shoot linky which allows you to share photographs of your weekend adventures.

My sister recently bought me a Fitbit as a gift so I decided to get it activated and start some walking. Luckily, my niece came to stay for the weekend so we took some long walks.  To make our walk interesting, we decided to walk through a park and along a the river.   The walk didn't feel tiring as we stopped at lots of places to take pictures and gaze at some amazing sites.

Here is a taste of some of the things we saw on our walk:

We stopped to look at some baby ducks.   The chicks were cute and a couple of them were adventurous and running about.  We were getting worried that they may end up on the road and get hurt.

We also saw a number of gypsy horses.  One of them seemed to have had a fowl.

We were not sure why the two horses were in this position trying to groom/scratch  each others legs.
The little fowl seems happy to be sitting there snoozing.

We walked past this beautiful building which is used as a dining room by a local school and continued through a park to get to the riverside.

My niece wanted this picture to send to her dad asking him to buy her the boat house!

 This day was sunny and this beautiful cherry blossom really cheered us up and we made our way to get some ice creams.

It was lovely to see all the cows outside grazing by the river.

We saw this beautiful boat sail by and now it is going to be my Mission to find a friend who owns a boat and can take us out on the river on a sunny day.

Linking up this Post with the two bloggers Snowing Indoors and You Baby Me Mummy who are running the point and shoot linky.

Why do you like to do when you go for a walk?


  1. I love my FitBit. Some days I forget to wear it but it's on me the majority of the time. I don't go out walking that much, though. It's too cold here at the moment and I just can never find the time. I get swimming a lot, though. Maybe one day I'll fit in walking as well.

  2. What a great first of May post - and beautiful pictures!! I love the scenery and those horses are just gorgeous! Never seen any quite like that. They kind of look like Shetland ponies - or miniature Clydesdales! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Mina :)
    Fantastic post! Best of luck to you with your blog challenge with Ultra Blog Challenge! Look forward on seeing more awesome posts from you :) Have a great weekend! Great share!

  4. This post is the perfect dose of cheerines for the first day of May. Love the pics!

  5. I want afitbit so you can tell me how good it is before I buy it.You live in a lovely place I love all the photos.

  6. Thanks amazing, I am a blogger myself, yet I could not enter this challenge due to the 9-5s and other things :) Good Luck Xx


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