Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dressing Up - Bollywood Style

Day 12 of the Ultra Blog Challenge 

Who doesn't like dressing up?  And how many of us would live to dress up in a beautiful sari?

A group of ladies going to Pilates together came upon the idea of organising a Bollywood evening where everyone was expected to dress up in Indian outfits, eat Indian food and learn Indian dancing. All sounds fun but bit daunting if you have never worn an Indian sari. That when my friend who is the ring leader of this Pilates Group decided to ask me to help a few of them wear a sari.

Word got round the village and the few turned out to be 15!! My friend had bought quite a few saris in India and had also had the sari blouse made. But some of the ladies had used their initiative and bought saris in eBay.  A sari is usually 5 ½ to 6 yards long. Some saris are sold with a matching blouse material which you have to cut from the sari and give to a tailor to make for you. A matching colour petticoat is worn under the sari. These petticoats are tied round the waste tightly and a sari is draped around it. Some ladies were not aware that they would need petticoats and had thought that they could wear leggings under the sari – which is fine until you need to use the bathroom!! We had a hilarious afternoon trying on saris and making sure every one looked nice.

I had to improvise with sarongs when dressing up the younger girls.

Here are some of the ladies I dressed up in saris:

Here is a video of how to wear a sari: 

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  1. Such a brilliant idea and great pictures. It looks like a fab weekend x

  2. I had no idea how sari's were worn. Dressing this way must be time-consuming. But you seem to have fun.

  3. even i dont know how to wear saree nicely, good job

  4. Sounds like a super fun evening get together!

  5. Hi Mina,

    I never wore a Sari, but I wouldn't give up on the idea if I was asked. :) The outfits look wonderful, and judging by the pictures you've taken - everyone seems to enjoy wearing their Sari outfits!

    I bet you all had a great time and there might have been talk about doing it again in the future. Am I right?

    - Bonnie

    1. Bonnie - Everyone looked so lovely and said how comfortable the sari was to wear. Next they have asked me to organise a cookery event so watch this space!

  6. How fun - and the saris are so pretty (as are all of the ladies, young and older!) Like others, I had no idea what was involved in properly wearing a sari. Thanks for sharing!

  7. dressing up in saris is fun if the weather is right. I live in a hot tropical coastal town where its humid most of the time so hate to wear a sari. However, when I am in UK, love to wear sari as the weather is so much cooler. I remember when our Lions Club some years ago had decided that for one of the meetings all the women had to wear saris and we all did including our African members. Its fun.

  8. This looks like great fun. Such pretty saris. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  9. Oh my goodness, this looks sooo fun!! Just missing the henna tattoos ;)


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