Saturday, 9 May 2015

5 Healthy Summer Keep Fit Options

Day 9 of the Ultra Blog Challenge

I read this article today which suggests that we should turn housework into a workout. Now that the weather is warmer and days are longer.  I plan to convert the following 4  household chores into my summer keep fit options that won't cost me anything:

1.  Walking:  Now that I have the fitbit, I hope to for regular walks at least once a day.  On the days when I  don't have much shopping I will walk to the shops and back.  All that walking and lifting should be good for my muscles.

2.  Gardening:  Although I have a gardener, I plan to do a bit of weeding and start growing some herbs in a grow bag.  I find working in the garden very therapeutic and the fresh air and sunshine will be a bonus.

3.  Cleaning:  I am going to use my spare the time to organise cupboards, clean windows, net curtains etc. All the bending and stretching should be good for my muscles.

4.  Climb the stairs: At work and at home I will climb the stairs as often as I can. Again this is good exercise for the legs.

Apart from these simple exercises, I plan to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

Do you have any more healthy Keep fit suggestions? 

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  1. The best exercise is the simpliest. You don't need much in the way of equipment, nor do you need a gym membership. Walking is the best! You can also do strength training using canned food as weights, perhaps 454g cans or similar. .


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