Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Time Flies and Leaves Memories Forever

I was so happy coming in to work this morning. I enjoyed the walk along the river and loved to see the ducks and the boats. I saw a lovely rainbow too and I tried to capture the picture but not sure if I did justice to it's beauty.  It was really windy and the cold wind felt good on my face.  The water on the river was in ripples.

It was early morning and the day was dull but seeing how the baby ducks had survived and were still resting in the same place cheered me up too.  I have been watching these ducks since they were babies.  The black duck came running towards me looking for food I think.  or was he trying to protect his family?  I must remember to take some food with me next time I walk along the river.

The wind and the fallen leaves all reminded me of the time when I first came to UK – the time I loved the winter weather. I was young and didn’t worry about the wind and cold weather. My focus was on getting on moving ahead and making something of my life. It’s strange how quickly the years flew by. There was a time when I felt that I had no time for myself as I was busy working full time, looking after parents, juggling children’s routine, school run etc. It was a busy time but somehow I managed to achieve a lot. I suppose I had the energy at that time.

Amazing all time has flown by and I am nearly at my retirement age and I really don't want to retire as I am enjoying what I am doing at the moment.

Do any of you think about retirement?